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Evolution Racing League - Oct/2019

Hey guys,

Following the ERL Works, in order to maintain the level of Fun and competitiveness up there, we are exclusively launching Anti-cheat to monitor the activities of the pilots during the tests carried out at our club.
First of all, we want to tell everyone that unfortunately this is a necessary evil, due to the security that involves simulators and the openings that exist so that fraud can occur.
We will have as pilots the additional tasks of installing the software, its functioning during the tests and sending evidence for analysis.
How to do all this?

We have prepared a video where you can be aware of all these activities.

The download link  the program:

Basic rules for use in ERL racing (Championships and 4Funs)


  • Submitting the LOG file is mandatory for All Participating Pilots.

  • Pilots will have 2 hours after the end of the event as a deadline for sending the log file.

  • To send log file, click here 

  • If the file is not sent within this period, the rider will be disqualified from the event.

  • Pilot who does not complete the test will be exempt from sending the file.

  • In the event of detection of any type of variables outside the normal characteristics of the simulator, the pilot involved will be questioned about what happened and penalty measures will be applied, such as:

  • Stage Disqualification

  • Championship disqualification

  • Ban from ERL and all its events. (your name being removed from all Rankings and statistics previously produced in your entries)

Changes - 06/10 ( It was Mandatory for the top 10 riders) ( Changed to Mandatory for all participating riders).

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