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Regulation -  ERL - Evolution Racing League

Sistema de Premiações
Sistema de Pontuação
Critérios de Desempate
Sistema de Punições

1. Terms and Conditions


  1. Enrollment Refunds

    1. In the event that the driver has paid the registration fee and for any reason that is not his responsibility, the event is cancelled, the league will refund a refund within 30 days from the start date of the canceled stage, event or championship.

    2. In cases where the driver for some reason withdraws from the championship after its start, any refund is cancelled.

    3. If the registered driver leaves the championship before it starts and it is proven that the league has already made commitments with broadcasts, purchase of trophies or any other expenses that are intended for its organization, there will be no obligation for full reimbursement, which can be negotiated between the parties a percentage to be paid or even the cancellation of any refund.

  2. Cases not covered by this regulation will be analyzed by the ERL administration.

  3. The registration fee must be paid no later than 2 days before the event.


2. Briefing


  1. The presence of pilots at the briefing meeting is mandatory.

  2. The meetings will be held through  from Discord at address .

  3. Non-participation or delays will be punishable according to the regulation of the punishment system.

  4. Issues related to the behavior of the pilots on the track and also characteristics will be discussed.  from the racecourse  that may bring automatic punishments or that are critical and that may cause incidents whether at the start, entry into the pits or even in disputes during the race.


3. Exam schedule

  1.   It will be defined and published on the specific page referring to the event format.


4. Times and Duration of Events

  1. They will be defined and published on the specific page referring to the event format.


5. Settings  Specific  of the Servers

  1. They will be defined and published on the specific page referring to the event format.


6. Scoring Systemof pilots


Battery1               Battery 2

1st - 30 points         01st - 25th  spots     

        02 - 25 points         02 - 20 points   

03rd - 22 points         03rd - 18 points   

04th - 20 points         04th - 14 points

05th - 18 points         05th - 12th  spots

06th - 16 points         06th - 11th  spots

07th - 14 points         07th - 10th  spots

08th - 13 points         08 - 09 points

09th - 12 points         09th - 08 points

10th - 11 points         10th - 07 points

11th - 10 points         11th - 06 points

12th - 09 points         12th - 05 points

13th - 08 points         13th - 04 points

14th - 07 points         14th - 03 points

15th - 06 points         15th - 02 points

16th - 05 points         16th - 01 points

17th - 04 points

18th - 03 points

19th - 02 points

20th - 01 points

1. Points will only be computed for pilots who did not have DNF and who completed 75% of the race

7. Team Scoring System (2 ways)


  1. The best placement of a team driver will be taken into account, with other scores being discarded.

  2. Sum of Team points that can be composed of 2  or more riders (whichever will be described in the Championship format)


8. Awards System


  1. The awards will be described in the competition formats
    We will always be focused on delivering Trophies & Medals and awards  differentiated,

  2. valid only for events with 15 or more participants.

  3. Only the costs of sending Awards that occur within the national territory will be borne.

  4. Costs for shipping abroad will be the responsibility of the awardee.


9. Tiebreaker Criteria


  1. Number of Wins

  2. Number of Pole Positions

  3. Number of Participation in Evidence

  4. Position in the last stage (race).


10. Penalty System


  1. Not Participating in the Briefing - Not participating in the Classification

  2. Incidents that occur on lap 1 or training lap will have doubled weight.

  3. Penalties given by the simulator will not be removed in any way (except for server bugs).

  4. Soft Penalties (10  seconds in the final test time – 2 points on the wallet)


  1. ​ Track cutting; (two wheels inside the track will be accepted)

  2. Use of chat during the   Qualification or the Race;

  3. Use headlights and/or horn improperly;

  4. Use another team's car or driver.

  5. Cause an accident after the race ends

  6. Ending the race with the damaged car causing risk to opponents


5. Average Penalties (20  seconds in the final test time / Equivalent to a drive-thru – 4 points on the wallet)


  1. Abrupt starts and brake test during the presentation lap; 

  2. Disrespect the exit line from the pits;

  3. Disrespecting the entrance and exit directions from pits given by the Contest Director;

  4. Not respecting the speed of entry into the PIT even if the infraction is not charged  by the app.

  5. More than one line break while defending position;

  6. Cause an accident when maneuvering or recklessly returning to the runway;

  7. Do not give up position as a latecomer, Do not respect the Blue Flag signage; 

  8. Overtaking outside the track limits; 

  9. Perform irregular overtaking while in dispute for position

  10. Overtaking using touch artifice to carry out maneuver.

  11. Position defense forcing dangerous situation.

  12. Bump Draft (push the opponent on the straight); 

  13. Retreating in latecomer condition causing contact;   

  14. Force overtaking by taking the opponent off the track. 

  15. Strike from behind - Side push.

  16. Cause an accident whether or not in dispute for position

  17. Cause an overtaking accident by being a latecomer

  18. Cause an accident when overtaking on a latecomer

  19. Overtaking during the presence of the Safety-Car on the track

  20. Pit-stop during the presence of the Safety-Car on the track (unless authorized)

  21. Rotate the opponent.


6. Severe Penalties (35 seconds in the final test time / Equivalent to an average Stop&Go of 10 seconds – 6 points on the wallet).


  1. Crashes causing damage to the opponent (repairs in the pits required).

  2.   Disrespect any previously unforeseen procedure that was agreed in the official Briefing of the stage

  3. Unsportsmanship

  4. Cause an accident by removing more than one opponent from the track

  5. Cause an Accident during the presence of a Safety-Car


7. Very Serious Penalties (Disqualification of the step and impossibility to perform the qualification  in the next step – 8 points on the wallet).


  1. Crashes causing the opponent to abandon it (it will be analyzed whether or not the car could go to the pits to carry out the repair); 

  2. Unsportsmanlike behavior (Knocking purposefully or retaliating, going against the traffic for more than 15m, offenses in the chat);  

  3.   Push the pilot who suffered from a dry crash or other problem, so that he can complete the test. Both drivers (pushed and pusher) will be penalized; 

  4. In case the pilot does not complete the test and has punishments in the stage, he will start from the box in the next stage he participates)

  5. Unsportsmanlike conduct, from which it uses extra-game artifices to derive particular benefits.
    Use of systems that change the configuration/conditions of the Car/Circuit/Weather Etc..
    Use of Reentries  game to benefit from time saving box penalties.
    Modify or use apps that bring efficiency gains in piloting and/or event characteristics.
    Acting in bad faith by seeking out the privileged  particulars with the use of faults, configurations, etc..


8. Accumulation of penalties: POINTS PORTFOLIO


  1. The pilot has a portfolio of points with each type of punishment worth 2, 4 or 6 points depending on the severity of the moves

  2. 10 points achieved, the pilot does not qualify  in the next step

  3. 16 points achieved, the pilot will start from the pits in the next stage

  4. 20 points achieved, the pilot will be suspended for one stage (in the case of a heats championship, it is 1 heat)

  5. 26 points achieved the driver will be excluded from the championship

9.  general


  1. In the event of a driver, discussing race bids with other drivers in the League's communication channels that may create conflicts, he will be automatically excluded from the channel.

  2. If you are dissatisfied with  what happened in the test, try to deal with the matter privately or using the available protest channels.

  3. Disrespecting the rules of our communication channels, you will be subject to exclusion.

  4. If the penalized driver has not completed the race  and receives the punishment for time or disqualification, the punishment will be transferred  for the next event of the championship, but, if it is the last stage, the penalty will be given in the next event of the league in which the driver participates. In all cases the punishment remains   under the same conditions or at the discretion of the Race Direction, depending on the seriousness of the event, or points in the portfolio, transfer the time penalty for not participating in the qualification or starting from the pits.


11. Protests


  1. The deadline for sending a protest will be up to 24 hours after the release of the replay of the stage

  2. The pilot must use the form provided by the league,  in it you can report incidents directly involving you, as well as report something that happened to your team members or something that happened during the race that could be harmful to other drivers or to future events.

  3. Protests made 24 hours after the event will be automatically discarded.

  4. Once protests have been issued by the pilot, they can no longer be Cancelled.

  5. The evaluation of these protests will be published on the championship results page.

  6. Click here to access the form

12.ranking system

How Ranking Scores Are Assigned to Drivers Running in the Evolution Racing League

1- As a premise for us, both the Qualification and the race and the results obtained are important for attributing points to the driver.

2- The score is assigned according to the results obtained in each stage in which the driver participated, taking into account the starting position, the finishing position, the number of participating drivers, and whether the fastest lap of the race and the number of steps without DNF.

3- The maximum score that a driver can reach in a race will be 115 points

This will only be possible if the pilot has:

IEFQ = 100

IEFR = 100

VR = 10
Bonus per Event completed = 2

What do these Numbers mean?

Very simple....

This pilot made the pole position

Won the Race and Made the Fastest Lap


that is:


The pilot will receive 100 points for pole + 100 points for victory, making the simple average of this, the pilot will have 100 points that will be added to the 10 he won with the fastest lap and five of the participation in the stage, achieving a total of  112  spots.


All drivers will have their points computed based on their start and finish positions, if they win the fastest lap of the race they will receive the 10 point bonus.

The scores obtained in the stages will be added together and their average will be the updated score of the Ranking.

It's very important to participate and start in a good position and of course finish the race in the best possible position.  


If there is a need for changes to the regulation by the management, all involved will be informed

Sistema de Ranking


Fixed scoring on 10/21/2019
Below old values

1st - 22 points     

02 - 20 points   

03rd - 18 points   

04th - 14 points

05th - 13 points

06th - 12 points

07th - 11 points

08 - 09 points

09th - 08 points

10th - 07 points

11th - 06 points

12th - 05 points

13th - 04 points

14th - 03 points

15th - 02 points

16th - 01 points

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